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CricInfoBox - The Pseudo Hidden Scorecard
Last updated: 06:06 24/11/2010.
This program provides the user with constantly updated cricket scores, but in a small application that remains 'hidden' until the user moves the mouse to the right hand side. Then all match summary information is shown as the above image demonstrates.

The most useful feature - to aid people like me to do their work while not reading cricket pages too often - is than (even when hidden) CricInfoBox will bleep whenever a wicket falls in any match.

The data is obtained from CricInfo and by clicking on a match one can visit their utterly fantastic site.
There is a link to the BBC's marvellous cricket site.

To run this wonderful CricInfoBox program, you need a PC running Windows (sorry to other users) and an internet connection. Given this file is on the web I can guess that you have internet access.

(Due to a recent CricInfo update last wicket details are sometimes wrong, sorry.)

Again, I am sorry to non-windows users but my programming prowess in this area does not yet
extend as far as I'd like. But you can use this 'hidden' cricinfo page that is perfect for mobile devices.
(1).Create a new folder on your PC (perhaps on your desktop).
(2).Download and save msinet.ocx into this new folder. Don't worry though, this is a genuine Microsoft file.
If you have any doubts than download it from their site.
(3).Vista users (probably) need to download and save msvbvm60.dll into this folder too.
This was included with any installation of XP, but I think it is missing from Vista.
Again this is a genuine Microsoft file, a Visual Basic run-time library.
(4).Download and save CricInfoBox.exe into this new folder.

This is my program and it cannot be obtained anywhere else.
If you have any doubts, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do other than
offer you my personal guarantee that this file will NOT harm your PC.

You will possibly already have MSINET.OCX on your PC.
Search your WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder to find out.
(1). Double-Click the CricInfoBox.exe icon.
(2). That's it really.
(3). If you can't see it, move the mouse to the right hand side!
Please enjoy. If you do, don't or have issues, then you may Email me.